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About the JACTS Policy Committee

The JACTS Policy Committee is comprised of elected and appointed officials from units of government within the Jackson Urbanized Area. They are involved in formulating and implementing policies pertaining to transportation matters. The Policy Committee serves as a forum for discussion and analysis of development and improvement issues. The JACTS Policy Committee has final say over all JACTS decisions.

The Policy Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at Jackson County Tower Building – 5th Floor, 120 West Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49201. To see a detailed schedule of the Policy Committee meeting dates, click the JACTS Meeting Schedule button below.

Meeting Agenda Packets and Minutes

2024 Meetings

January Packet   January Minutes

February Packet   February Minutes

March Packet   March Minutes

April Packet   April Minutes

May Packet   May Minutes

June Packet   June Minutes

July Packet   July Minutes

August Packet   August Minutes

September Packet   September Minutes

October Packet   October Minutes

November Packet   November Minutes

December Packet   December Minutes

Archive (Oct 2014 - Dec 2020)

2020 Meeting Packets

January   February   March

April   May   June

September   October

November   December

2019 Meeting Packets

January   February   March

April   May   June

September   October   November

2018 Meeting Packets

January   February   March

April   May   June

July   August   September

October   November   December

2017 Meeting Packets

January   February   March

April   May   June

July   August   September

October   November   December

2016 Meeting Packets

January   February   March

April   May   June

July   August   September

October   November   December

2015 Meeting Packets

February   March   April

May   June   August

October   November   December

2014 Meeting Packets

October   November   December

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