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Regional Planning in Michigan

pdrsThe Region 2 Planning Commission (R2PC) is one of fourteen planning and development regions in the state formed under Michigan’s Public Act 281 of 1945, Regional Planning, which recognizes that planning services can most economically be provided among local units of government on a cooperative and voluntary basis.  Each region provides a different range of services because of this mandate although there are some common services that many of the regions provide.  In response to those differences and commonalities, the Michigan Association of Regions (MAR) was created as a forum for regions to receive needed information on common programs, to learn from each other, and to promote the benefits of regionalism in Michigan.  Please visit the MAR website to learn more about the regions in Michigan.

Over Five Decades of Regional Planning

The Region 2 Planning Commission (R2PC) is a voluntary association of local units of government in the counties of Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee formed to provide planning (i.e.; land use; transportation, parks and recreation, and other public infrastructure; and economic development), zoning, and other coveragelocal services to its members.  Region 2 also serves as a forum and source of information for current issues of importance to all local units of government.  The R2PC was first formed as the Jackson Metropolitan Planning Commission in 1956 by the Townships of Blackman, Leoni, and Summit and grew to include all of Jackson County in 1965, including the City of Jackson.  The current organization was formed in 1974 when local units of government within the counties of Hillsdale and Lenawee became eligible to join the R2PC.

2017 R2PC Membership

Region-wide, about three-fourths (76%) of the 91 eligible local governments, including two of the three counties, are active R2PC members in 2017.  Approximately 85% of the 35 units of government located (completely or partially) in Lenawee County are members. Only fourteen (50%) of the 28 units of government in Hillsdale County are members.  However, all but two (93%) of the 28 units of government located (completely or partially) in Jackson County are members.

Physical Setting and Location

The region is located  in the south-central portion of the Lower Peninsula, just north of where Indiana, Michigan and Ohio meet. The region comprises 2,092 square miles of land, including areas of rich farmland and forests, lakes and rivers, and 36 distinct incorporated (e.g., cities and villages) and unincorporated (e.g., census designated places) settlements with a variety of neighborhoods and other distinct areas.  The region also contains the Irish Hills Area and the flatlands of eastern Lenawee County.

The region contained 306,828 residents in the Year 2010.  Population centers include Greater Jackson (93,900), the Adrian-Tecumseh-Clinton Corridor (57,445), and the Hillsdale-Jonesville Corridor (13,664).  Jackson County has the greatest population (160,248), followed by Lenawee County (99,982) and Hillsdale County (46,688).

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