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Although various communities within the County have been working to improve walking and biking conditions for many years, the Jackson City + County Nonmotorized Plan provides the first detailed, countywide, holistic, and strategic implementation strategy for nonmotorized improvements. It builds on numerous local plans and studies and incorporates many of the significant nonmotorized improvements made in recent years. The Plan is both visionary and pragmatic with near-term recommendations and a long-term vision that reflect desires and priorities driven by stakeholder input.

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Unpaved seasonal trails and routes reflect the rural character of much of the county and provide a more economical approach to developing a countywide trail network. The topography and water features that make Jackson County so special also make it a challenge to implement off-road trails. Conversely, the biggest obstacle for proposed routes in abandoned rail corridors will be acquiring easements. the R2PC is committed to working with communities and local partners on studying and implementing the plan so continue to reach out to staff if there are questions regarding this project and next steps to implement the plan.

Jackson City + County Nonmotorized Plan
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