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The webpage is dedicated to issues of regional significance and will continue to be populated as issues present themselves.

Michigan Prosperity Initiative (MPI)

The Michigan Prosperity Initiative (MPI) was an innovative effort by Michigan State University’s Land Policy Institute — in partnership with a host of entities, including the R2PC — to help return economic prosperity to the state.  The first phase of the MPI consisted of a trio of training programs open planners, economic developers, and the general public:

  • New Economy 101 — how Michigan’s present economic circumstances developed as well as Michigan’s many assets
  • New Economy 201 — Michigan’s critical assets as well as place-based strategies to create new prosperity on a regional basis
  • New Economy 301 — detailed economic analyses that can be performed to help inform regional strategic growth plans and the key strategies necessary to implement those plans

The aim of the Land Policy Institute during the second phase of the MPI was to assist each of Michigan’s fourteen state planning and development regions — including the R2PC — in the creation of a regional strategic growth plan, which would supplement and strengthen other economic development efforts (i.e., the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) facilitated by most of the regions).  The results of those strategic plans would then be used to create the first-ever State Strategic Growth Plan.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to complete this ambitious task.  However, a wealth of information was developed which can be used for other planning and economic development efforts.  Those documents pertinent to the Region 2 Area are posted below:

Cluster Analysis Report (divided into various sections)

Cross-Jurisdictional Planning and Zoning Matricies

A growing number of cross-jurisdictional plans and regulations —many at the county or regional level— which cover portions or all of Region 2 and its three counties affect local government in the three-county area.  These need to be acknowledged and incorporated into local planning documents and zoning regulations.  R2PC staff has developed matrices (by county) which can be utilized by local units of government when updating planning documents and zoning regulations to ensure that those important regional directives are recognized and addressed.  Download your matrix now:

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