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Jackson County Summary

Jackson County is located in the south-central portion of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  The Baseline and Meridian – used by surveyors, land owners and other powers to identify the location of real property in Michigan – intersect in Jackson County and the Baseline comprises the northern border of the County.  The Meridian bisects the county east and west.  US-127 (Meridian Road) roughly follows the Meridian.

The county is comprised of 19 townships, 6 villages, 1 city, and a variety of crossroads, hamlets and other small settlements.  The townships and incorporated villages and the city are governed by elected boards and councils.  County residents are also represented by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.  The entire county is also part of Michigan District 7 of the US House of Representatives.  The Townships of Parma, Sandstone, Spring Arbor, Pulaski, Hanover, Summit, and Napoleon; the City of Jackson, and the Villages of Parma, Concord, and Hanover are included in Michigan House District 64 and the rest of the County is included in District 65.  The entire county is located in Michigan Senate District 16.

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