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While each municipality is vested with the responsibility for planning and zoning, the Jackson County Planning Commission (JCPC) is responsible for reviewing and providing independent recommendations regarding proposed amendments to township zoning ordinances and all municipal master plan updates. Those recommendations are based upon its understanding of municipal plans and ordinances. Given that decisions made in one municipality often affect neighboring local units of government, JCPC recommendations are also made from a countywide perspective with input from a professional planner. A purpose of the Jackson County Master Plan is to establish goals, actions, and plans that will aid in making those recommendations.

The Jackson County Master Plan is also meant to provide a rough template that local governments may use as they develop their municipal master plans, thereby lessening the costs associated with those local planning efforts and providing more consistency across township, village and city boundaries. Chapter 2 of the proposed Jackson County Master Plan, and its associated appendices, contains surveys of the following:

  • Regional Location
  • Municipalities & Places
  • Historical Context
  • Demographics
  • Natural Resources
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Transportation Facilities and Utilities
  • Jackson County Strategic Plan
  • Economic Development
  • Existing Land Use

Local units of government may use those surveys as the beginning points for the surveys to be included in their municipal master plans. This webpage provides links to the draft Master Plan chapters and appendices as they are developed as well as full-sized images of each map. Your questions and/or comments are also welcome.

Draft Master Plan Chapters and Appendices

Draft Master Plan Maps

Base Map
Municipalities & Places
Urban and Rural
Social Vulnerability
Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, & Streams
Flood Zones & Wetlands
Hydric Soils
Quality of Farmland
Forestland & Woodland
Major Community Facilities
Public School Districts & Schools
Road Network
Airports, Railroads, & Transit
Airport Permit Zones
Gas Pipelines
Liquid Pipelines
Municipal Wellhead Protection
Property Assessment
Land Use & Land Cover
Generalized Zoning
Possible Preservation Areas
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