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What is the Region 2 Planning Commission?

The R2PC is comprised of interested local units of governments (including counties) in the counties of Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee who get together to discuss issues of regional interest and to avail themselves of the professional expertise of its staff on land use and other related issues.

Where are the Region 2 Planning Commission offices located?

9th Floor of the Jackson County Tower Building
Downtown Jackson
120 W. Michigan Avenue
Jackson, MI 49201

Are there other "Region 2"s?

Yes.  The State of Michigan designates the counties of Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee as Region 2.  Different organizations also operate in the three-county area and their clients may also refer to them as “Region 2”.  For example the Community Action Agency, which aids the disadvantaged, is often confused with the R2PC.

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