Since its establishment in 1974, the Region 2 Planning Commission has been active in the economic development of the Region.  R2PC has assisted local units of government with the creation of economic development tools such as overall economic development plans, TIFA districts, master plans, infrastructure improvements, and development of proposals for economic development projects.

R2PC’s primary economic development focus is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  The CEDS is a regional approach to economic development planning and was created under the auspices of the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

  • Allegiance Health
  • Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • Brooklyn Village
  • CMS Energy Corporation
  • Edward Surovell Realty Co.
  • Enterprise Group of Jackson
  • Hillsdale Economic Development Partnership
  • Hillsdale Community Action Agency
  • Jackson Chamber of Commerce
  • Jackson City Government
  • Jackson Community College
  • Jackson County Board of Commissioners
  • Lenawee County Board of Commissioners
  • Lenawee Economic Development Corporation
  • Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
  • South Central Michigan Works!

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

In October, 2010 the R2PC adopted the Region’s first Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, or CEDS.  Development of the CEDS was funded by a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).  Federal approval of the CEDS was the first step in establishing an Economic Development District (EDD) for the Region 2 area.  EDD status is an important component in the development of an on-going relationship with the EDA.  It also makes the Region eligible for additional sources of assistance from the EDA.

The CEDS was developed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives involved in economic development throughout the Region.  As of February, 2012, the following agencies and units of government are represented on the Steering Committee:

The CEDS includes an overview of the regional economy; a regional profile; mission statement, goals and objectives; implementation strategy performance measures; action plan; and a listing of prioritized economic development projects.

The CEDS lists four goals intended to address the Region’s economic development needs.  The goals are as follows:

  • Encourage collaborative economic development partnerships to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide and environment to support business development.
  • Expand workforce development and education strategies.
  • Diversify the economy.

CEDS and EDD Status Report

The 2015 annual update of the Region 2 Area CEDS has been submitted to the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

Questions regarding the CEDS should be addressed to Grant E. Bauman, AICP, Principal Planner (please see contact page).

The Region 2 Area has been recognized as an Economic Development District (EDD) by the EDA.

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