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Leoni DDA Non-Motorized Trail Extension Request For Proposals

Leoni DDA Non-Motorized Trail Extension Request for Proposals

The Leoni Township Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) is requesting proposals from professional civil engineering firms able to provide a variety of engineering services required by Leoni Township and to assist the Jackson County Department of Transportation as needed. The engineering services desired include, but are not limited to preparation of plans, specifications and estimates of costs for construction projects, detailed studies on specific items, conducting investigations, preparation of reports, land surveying activities, construction inspection, and construction contract administration.

Interested FIRMs must submit one (1) unbound copy of sealed proposals and one electronic copy which should include at a minimum the following information:

1. FIRM name(s) and introduction.

2. Qualifications of staff to be assigned to this project. Describe where personnel will be physically located while they are engaged in the project.

3. Examples of experience with similar projects.

4. Narrative in which the FIRM delineates their understanding of what is being requested by the CITY in this RFP including the items of work they will accomplish for the CITY. FIRM should note any work items they may feel should normally be accomplished under or related to this request, but in their opinion are beyond the scope of what is being requested and therefore not part of this proposal.

5. The methodology, approach, or work plan, including timelines, which would be used to complete the project.

6. Completed Proposal Sheet with “Not to Exceed” project cost. Construction observation costs shall be included using a reasonable construction duration defined by the FIRM.

Sealed proposals must be submitted to Stephen Bezold, Planner, Region 2 Planning Commission, 120 West Michigan Ave, Jackson, Michigan, 49201 no later than 4:00 p.m., December 29, 2022. “Leoni TRAIL Extension“ shall be clearly marked on the outside of the sealed envelope. Electronic copy shall be included in the same sealed envelope with proposal on USB thumb drive. Submittals sent by email or telefax will not be accepted. Questions may be addressed to Stephen Bezold, (517) 768-6708 or

Please see the full Request for Proposal Document below for more details.

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