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Existing Land Use Patterns and Major Community Facilities in Region 2

A goal (and associated strategies and actions) of the 2017-2021 edition of the Region 2 Planning Commission Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the identification and mapping of cultural and recreational resources.

A first step in identifying major community facilities (i.e., cultural and recreational resources) is to map existing land use patterns utilizing property assessment categories (i.e., existing land use). Many cultural and recreational resources have an exempt status, making them easier to identify. It was further noted that the property assessment data can also be utilized by counties and municipalities as they create economical and up-to-date existing land use maps for inclusion in master plans and other planning documents. ‘Click’ on the following link to view a 2/13/20 R2PC Presentation on the effort. You can also ‘click’ on the following link to the Economic Development webpage in and download reports for the Counties of Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee as well as the entire Region 2 Area. Please note that a reports can also be generated for your local government upon request.

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