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Region 2 Announcements and Blogs
6/30/2014 Notice of Public Hearing | Macon Township

The Macon Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider a text amendment to the Macon Township Zoning Ordinance. This notice was prepared and distributed in accordance with Section 18.12 of the Zoning Ordinance and Section 103 of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (MCL 125.3103).

The proposed text amendment:
The proposed amendment includes the addition of Article XIVA which allows for mixed land use proposals as a type of Planned Unit Development (PUD) District provided those proposals meet the requirements included in the new article (i.e., qualifications, procedures for application and review, and design requirements ('click' here to review).

The public hearing before the Planning Commission will be held on:
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm
The meeting will be held at the
Macon Township Hall
8320 Clinton-Macon Road
Clinton, MI 49236

Please contact Grant Bauman at (517) 768-6711 or to ask questions about or comment upon the proposed text amendments.

3/19/2014 Asset Management Report

The 2012-2013 edition of the Asset Management Report for the Region 2 Area is completed.  “Click” here to download a copy of the report and find out the condition of the roadway network in your county.


Welcome to the Region 2 Planning

Welcome to the Region 2 Planning Commission (R2PC)

The Region 2 Planning Commission is a voluntary local governmental association serving Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee counties in south-central Michigan.  Region 2 serves as a planning, research, and advisory resource to its member units of government.  Staff provides a variety of professional planning services which benefit member communities:
  • Transportation Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Community Planning Assistance

What can the R2PC do for your community?

The Region 2 Planning Commission (R2PC) was created to assist its member units of government.  The most visible outcome of this charge is the community planning assistance provided by staff.  Region 2 planners have been helping local governments to develop, adopt, and implement master plans, zoning ordinances, and other planning and zoning resources for decades.

Although the other services provided by the R2PC may not be as visible as community planning assistance, they are just as important to the region and your municipality.  For example, the behind-the-scenes work performed by Region 2 staff facilitates the acquisition and expenditure of federal and state funding in two key areas throughout the three counties:

  • Transportation.  The R2PC serves as the Jackson metropolitan area’s MPO, which facilitates all federal and state funding for transportation improvements throughout Jackson County and the Region 2 Rural Task Force, which facilitates the allocation of rural federal and state transportation funds throughout the entire region.
  • Economic Development.  Region 2 planners have been working with the U.S. Economic Development Agency to establish Region 2 as an Economic Development District (EDD) which will make local governments eligible for federal economic development funding.

The organizaton and its staff has provided planning services to member units of government for over five decades,  Please refer to the following webpages for more information on the proessional planning services provided by the staff of the Region 2 Planning Commission as well as the organization and history and background of the organization:

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