Two New Chapters Available for Public Comment

The Region 2 Planning Commission is looking for comments, edits and/or questions on two new draft chapters of the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan.  The two draft chapters are listed below and are available here.

1.  The Performance Measures & Systems Performance Report draft chapter has been completed as a part of the requirement of moving transportation planning at the federal, state, MPO and local level toward performance based planning.  The chapter is meant to give an overview of what kinds of road and transit performance areas that MPO’s will need to address within their work program.  The need for the chapter comes from a new federal requirement based on guidance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

2.  The Consultation draft chapter describes how the Region 2 Planning Commission has interacted with the public during the planning process and its consultation agencies.  This draft chapter is complete, pending any updates that it might receive until the plan is complete.

Please contact Tanya DeOliveira with questions, comments, and or draft edits.  Printed copies are available upon request.  The public comment period for the chapters will close on April 20, 2018.

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